Torque the safest and world class pain healing technology now in India.

TORQUE IS mirocurrent is a proven pain management technology uses that extremely low frequency of electric current that to treat the root cause of pain …

Frequency specific microcurrent therapy has been proven to enhance the healing process in damaged soft tissue and can potentially reduce inflammation. It is a safer, more effective way to reduce pain & and has no long term side effects compared to most painkillers.

Please consult a Specialised Spine Physiotherapist to know the treatment option best suited to your individual needs.

COMBO THERAPY - We have another advanced Electrotherapeutic technology which can deliver two different type of currents from a single probe and gives amazing relief in pain & swelling associated with Orthopedic Conditions. On this machine Ultrasound & Interferential Current can be given at same time as it has different modalities in a single unit. Hence it can save patient’s time by minimizing the treatment duration. It is also equipped with other advanced Electrotherapeutics like Micro Currents, Russian Currents &Didynamic Currents.