Dr Gorde Spine Rehab research special exercise program( DG-SREX@PATTERN)

Pattern is a target-oriented combination of scientific free hand floor exercises along with the and advanced technology and satiating diets, aimed at achieving. It includes stretching strengthen exercises for muscle relaxation, and advanced high intensity free hand floor exercises for getting relief from spine problem more than 12000 patient have benefited from the DG-SREX@pattern.

The features of Dr Gorde Spine rehab Research special exerixse program( DG-SREX@PATTERN)

Scientific free hand floor exercises for spine problem


All Natural

No artifical remedies, crash diets, starvation, food supplements, drugs or pills!

Personal Attention

Because every person is unique, having different needs and tendencies

Customized Diets

Enjoy a wide range of satiating veg and non-veg diets to keep your taste buds happy!